I compress, stretch, quantify, and solidify the essence of being human. Using both conventional and invented systems, I trace and measure the body’s existence and translate this information into three-dimensional form. During this process a familiar figurative image becomes obliterated, and I am interested in the ways human perception constructs the figure and its surrounding world out of obscured, amorphous fragments.

I work primarily with experimental mold making and casting in resin. These techniques encapsulate and petrify memory and ephemerality of everyday nature.The mold making process produces a duplicate whose faithful resemblance both challenges and empowers the original source. I am fascinated by the haunting appeal of historic cast relics, such as death masks and the city of Pompeii, as they both embody the hovering moment between life and death. In the same way that these castings preserve memories that transcend the original source, my artwork lets me mark my moment in time. My mortality and fear of being forgotten drive my desire to leave behind a trail like breadcrumbs from the story of Hansel and Gretel.

What are qualities that evoke an individual’s presence? How do these qualities remain within a form that no longer resembles a figure? By skewing perceptions of the human body, I look for experiences that build and collapse the boundary between reality and imagination.